Monday, June 7, 2010

Catching You Up!

Summer has finally began! School finished up last week and my wonderful summer of doing a whole lot of nothing has begun. It is going to be a very short summer this time around though because we are trying a different schedule out. We got back to school quite a bit earlier this year but we will be getting out of school May 19th, which will be wonderful. I had a good group of student's this year and was sad to see them go but look forward to a new group of third graders this coming August.

Mike has been working as the Assistant Director or Nursing at the Arizona Institute of Surgery and Medicine and just picked up a second job at the new hospital here in the Emergency room and is really excited about it... He is going to be a busy boy this summer.

In May we found out that we were expecting. It was a bit of a shocker but we are really excited. No word on what the sex of the baby is yet but I have already decided that it is a GIRL! The Chinese calendar agrees with me so that helps. We went and got our first ultrasound two weeks ago and got some fun pictures that when I learn to put on the computer I will post. I didn't realize that babies move so much when they are soooo little. "She" was going crazy flipping back and forth, doing flips and turns all over the place. With her flipping all over the place and me laughing so hard the ultrasound tech had a really hard time finding what she needed too.

I think that sums the fun and important things up in a nut shell. I'll keep you posted on the baby business as it comes! Love you all!

Getting Started....

So it has come the time that you have all been waiting for! I have finally decided to grace you with our presence here on Blogger! I decided since we are starting a family it would probably be wise to have a spot we can post pictures and also it will five me a better excuse for blog stalking all of you!